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182cm Prototype

This ski is truly a big, wide hill cruising machine; 182cm is no indication how it rides. I tested it on The Face at Suicide 6 and felt either 1) I was not big enough (5'7", 150lbs) or 2) was not going fast enough to get the full effect, or both.  Like an old 207+, but it carves clean.  **You can see it on YouTube**.  Compared with the 172cm Edelwiser Speed, which will be my next ski purchase, the Weiner Schnitzen was fun but more labor-intensive and might be a challenge in crud.  I wouldn't change it though, as it is easy to tell that it does it's thing very well.  Had the slope been a bit wider and steeper, say, like Big Dipper at Burke Mtn., I think the ski would shine.  It will be interesting to see what larger-framed testers think of it.  In the meantime, thankfully, there is always the Speed...

By: John F.  Posted: Thursday, March 20, 2008 5:20:26 PM
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