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Sigi Grabner Snowboards

Ski Types:  
  SGS snowboards developed by Sigi Grabner, produced in Carinthia. Freeride and Race. Olympic bronze medal. Sigi's site can be viewed at http//
Signal Snowboards



It was the end of 2003. We sat down with a bottle of wine and made notes on a piece of paper about industry traits that we did not want to see repeated. Soon we had formed an outline and structure that would come to shape our company.

Our name would need to capture, encompass and symbolize what this new brand would stand for. We wanted to build on and sell a philosophy, not an image. We wanted to signal out to like-minded individuals and connect with them.

So Signal was founded in 2004 as an artistic company anchored in snowboarding.

We found that there was energy and strength in turning the usual way of doing business upside down. It would also be important that our own days at Signal were fulfilling. We wanted new ways to connect. Through programs like Every Third Thursday and Signal Coffee, we have proven that we can reach a huge audience by connecting with customers one-on-one and that there are others out there like us who have that same yearning...

The brand’s mission is about a company that believes in making more than just a product. We are about building a community with a much bigger cause— one that includes building our boards and a foundation here at home in California. Signal is a human sized company in an industry of giants and our priorities keep us dedicated to building our community as well as building quality snowboards and other products that enrich our lives."

- Website October 2012

Ski Types:   Snowboards

Previously named "Five Axis"... Minnesota-based snowboard company offering a  full line of snowboards, including splitboards, with different colors and graphics available. Free shipping in the U.S.A.

Silo Skis


"The thumbnail version: Silo Skis are handcrafted sticks, made by a guy named Lars, just outside Burlington, Vermont. The longer version: Every pair of Silo Skis are fully custom, meaning yours don't exist yet. They start with a conversation, where we get to know you and you get to know us. We'll talk about where you ski, how you ski, how your body type influences your skiing and the sticks upon which you shred. We'll talk about materials and graphics; timelines; price; music; food; scotch. Silo Skis are not manufactured, but tailored to your exact specifications. Sure, we'll offer some suggestions along the way, but our goal is to create handcrafted, skis that meet your exact specifications. Our workshop is in Richmond, Vermont, just outside of Burlington. It is fully solar powered (no carbon footprint on your skis! Heck, even our web servers are powered by photovoltaics) and home to a darn nice family. Give us a call or fill out our form or "Like" us on Facebook or "Follow" us on Twitter or do all these things. We'll talk about skiing. " - Website December 2015

Ski Types:   Custom Construction, Custom Graphics

How many ski builders would offer to listen to your favorite music while they design and build your skis so they know what you are really like? Custom, handcrafted skis from Richmond, Vermont USA by Lars Whitman in a solar-powered workshop...even the webserver is run on Photovoltaic cells! The fitting process begins with a detailed survey about the type of skis and ski conditions and terrain the client wants to spend time with..then progresses from there to more details. 98% USA materials including 4001 bases, VDS rubber, fiberglass, carbon fiber and kevlar can be included in the mix along with an oak/birch wood core. You can reserve a time, and for an extra $200 usd, build your own skis in their shop under their direction to get the best experience of your life creating your own skis. $550 base price...typically running $650 in the end.

Silo Skis
P.O. Box 718
Richmond, VT 05477
(802) 578-5144

Silvretta Skis

Ski Types:   All Mountain, Alpinist-Climber, Backcountry, Freeride
  German alpine touring (AT) skis and binding setups. Three basic lines of skis including kids' AT setups! 5 different models of skis. Boots, bindings, skins, AT ski crampons (yes). Advanced models have hybrid foam cores with poplar wood inlays for performance and dampening characteristics. PURE AT bindings. Great lineup for AT. Boots and skis are rumored to be discontinued Dynafit models. Salewa is the parent company of both Dynafit and Silvretta. Sold all over the world.

- Freeride (soft snow, powder and corn experts)
- Performance (all conditions, frequently changing advanced to expert)
- Cross-Mountain (beginner to intermediate)
- Kids (foam core)
(Kid Characteristics)
Construction: Aircell construction
Lengths: 142/149/156/163/170/177
Radius (m): 17 (170)
Side-Cut: 104/70/92
Weight (g): 1225 (170)
Skevik Skis

  "Skevik, as an idea, was born in 2005 during a phase of transition for the Anderson Brothers. Glenn was on his way to the University of Victoria while Gregg had recently finished his degree and was organizing himself for a trip overseas. While holed up in their hometown of Vernon, British Columbia for the summer the two concocted, schemed, researched and generally tinkered away. As they moved along with their plans later that year, time became the limiting factor as it was in short supply for ski building activities. However, a name had been chosen, honouring their great grandfather, Anton Martin Skevik – born in Steinkjer, Norway, 1883. Halfway through Glenn’s engineering degree Skevik caught a break. In need of a co-op position he pitched the idea of developing skis to the faculty and thankfully, they accepted. With the time, support and equipment available, what started out as a hobby suddenly had the potential to become so much more. Now, with six years of engineering, soul and creativity poured into the Skevik brand, it is alive and thriving in the exact place it should be: Vernon, British Columbia." - Website September 2012
Ski Types:   Backcountry, Big Mountain, Powder

Artisnal ski builders Glenn and Gregg Anderson from British Columbia have a small line of handcrafted skis featuring maple hardwood cores, 4000 series bases, carbon fibre, eco-resin components.  The concept started in 2005, with skis rolling out of their shop in 2009 after learning invaluable knowledge from the fantastic community.  Beautiful designs with modern geometry.  All mountain, big mountain and powder models available.

Ski Bois Tardy

Ski Types:   All Mountain, Carving, Freeride, Freestyle, Giant Slalom, Hybrid-Other, Intermediate, Nordic Historical, Novice, Snowboards, Telemark
  Patented, multi-layered all wood (ash) construction with p-tex 2000 bases and steel edges. GS, carving, all-mountain, twintip, freestyle...etc. models available. Snowboards and of course, Scandinavian-style Nordic boards. Very cool lineup.
French Article...

  " Always wanted your own pro model ski, but can’t ski like a pro? Why don’t you just build it yourself? It sounds crazy, but building a pair of skis (or a snowboard) is not as hard as it sounds, especially if you're the average garage tinkerer. First you need to build the ski-making equipment, then you prepare the materials, and finally you put it all together to form a ski. When the smoke clears, all your hard work pays off, and there is no better feeling than skiing on a pair of skis that you designed and built yourself. This website contains information about how to build your own ride, and a forum is available for sharing information with other builders around the world. There are three of us involved in maintaining this website and we have documented our projects as well as skiing adventures. The three of us share one common passion: telemark skiing. But keep in mind that the information we present is not limited to telemark. In fact, you can also build alpine skis or snowboards using the same process. Please feel free to contribute to this unique community to help advance the art, science, and knowledge of ski building. Have fun! - Kam, Kam and Kelvin"
Ski Types:   Hybrid-Other
  One of our favorite sites of all time. Great site for the home-built ski enthusiast. Tons of pictures of various skis of all shapes, sizes and topsheet graphics. Great pics of homemade skis, hydraulic ski press using a firehose (yes). Great How-To guides, design forum to share ideas and experiences, articles, links and very cool t-shirts. Check 'em out.
SkiLab (KSkis)


"What is The Ski Lab? We are small ‘mom-and-pop’ operation located on the eastern slopes of the Sierra mountains, in Reno, Nevada. We have been making skis since 2004 and we specialize in custom skis and design resources for passionate backcountry skiers. Our close proximity to the Sierra mountains allows us to quickly and rigorously test and refine our designs. If you are interested, we offer skis with custom shape, flex, graphics, and of course, your personal touch. Your new custom skis can either be made to order by our experts, or you can arrange to visit The Ski Lab in Reno to participate in the design and construction of your custom skis. We produce a limited number of skis each year. We also offer the K Skis line, a select quiver of skis that have been engineered and tested by passionate backcountry skiers since 2004. Several models are available and customers can also request variations to these designs. See the K Skis line for more details. We are also committed to supporting the ski design community, and in this spirit we offer basic ski building materials and supplies to meet the needs of the DIY-minded skier and tinkerer. What’s our technology? The Ski Lab’s engineering, design, and manufacturing process began in 2004. Each ski is made with the highest quality materials, thorough attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, and industry-standard manufacturing techniques. Our process consists of: Precision robotic ski shape cutting; Vibration dampening technology; Hand-selected wood species for cores, specific to each customer; Industry-standard materials: hardened steel edges, triaxial fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc.; Vibrant dye-sublimated topsheet graphics, or whatever suits your fancy. "

Ski Types:   All Mountain, Backcountry, Big Mountain, Custom Construction, Custom Graphics, Powder

Co-founder of the fantastic "Build your own ride" website (definitely check it out if you have any urge to build your own other site like it!) Kam K. Leang, created his own website to sell some of his designs under the brand name "K Skis" as well as provide custom ski building services in 2011. Kam has been building skis since 2004 and has a huge body of expertise and knowledge since he is a Ph.D in mechanical engineering and a ski building fanatic. Not only can you buy pre-made skis or have your custom designs producted by Kam, you can get ski building materials through the website. You can also optionally participate in the construction of your skis at the shop...a unique opportunity. A full line of designs, including powder, all-mountain, touring and ultra-light models are available.  Kam is one of the inspirations behind the DIY ski building revolution in the U.S.A. Prices for the "K Skis" are $699 usd, full custom skis start at $799 usd.

One of the new models in 2012 is the "K Wild" which weighs in at 2.5 pounds per ski, with dimensions 170 cm length, 127-92-115 mm.



Skilogik Skis
USA Corporation - Chinese Manufacture   


"I’ve designed and produced skis for ten years on various levels. I started a ski company in my spare bedroom in Colorado. I visited and worked in micro factories and large factories on several continents. There are a lot of different ways to perform each step in the process of making a pair of skis. Through my experience, I pursued my own quest to figure out which steps are best done by high tech machines and which steps are best done by skilled hands. I also spent years designing skis and testing designs. From inside the industry, I witnessed the ignorance of posterboys and the one-track thinking of ego-gods. With Ski Logik, I had the opportunity to set up a new factory from scratch, combining the very best methods for each process. The first thing I did was choose a low-cost location so I wouldn’t have to worry about costs. Sounds odd, but it works that way. Expensive locations force you to compromise the product by going cheaper on materials or reducing labor times. The alternative is outsourcing to low-cost locations, but that restricts you to a cookie-cutter product and puts quality at risk. I took the third rail. I moved with my wife and kids half way across the globe and set up our own factory so that I could design and produce with the best methods possible. I brought in engineers who shared my vision. We designed machinery that didn’t exist, hired craftspeople with better hands than ours, and taught them how to make great skis. And they taught me a lot. After working for two years to get the production center fully capable, I turned my focus to designing a new line of skis using better materials and more craftsmanship per pair. I’m living a ski-maker’s dream. We design and prototype continually and have no constraints and no boardroom that’s going to fire us if we produce a design outside of the box. We produce year round in small numbers each day. We take as much time as we want on each pair, utilizing the best processes and materials available. Ski Logik is for skiers who share our passion for an extraordinary pair of skis. Enjoy! DAVID MAZZARELLA Founder Ski Logik" - Website January 2010


Ski Types:   All Mountain, Big Mountain, Custom Construction, Custom Graphics, Freeride, Freestyle, Powder

New company in 2010 by David Mazzarella (prevsiouly worked with Scotty Bob to build the company to sell Scotty Bob's skis) building freeride and freestyle skis in artist-painted woodgrain topsheets with carbon fiber, quadrax fiberglass, black locust sidewalls(very hard) for edge support , hardwood cores and rubber dampening layer construction. Female-specific models. Custom constructions available. $750 - $850 pricing. David states he has developed a new factory in a low-cost location ("Hainan Islands")  to his specifications and designed special machines that did not exist so he could produce the skis he wanted. David mentions a long history in the ski building business, working in several microfactories on several continents. 95% of the wood is sustainably harvested. For each pair of skis purchased, Skilogik donates money to the Nature Conservancy to plant a tree in a reclaimed nature preserve. They claim to pay the workers at their production facility above the market rate, and provide free lunch each day. Health, retirement, unemployment, disability, worker's comp and 90 day maternity leave at 100% pay is provided.

Construction Details of Ski Logik Skis

Read an interesting excerpt from David's comments on TelemarkTalk regarding his history with ScottyBob and building a factory in China.


Ski Types:   Jumping, Nordic Classical, Nordic Skating
  Get your 300cm jumping skis here! Serious alpine jumping/ski flying gear. Custom built...not in stock. Serious line of various nordic skis in various flexes..etc. Jumping bindings and shoes. Ever see a jumping shoe? You would wear these around town just be be cool.
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We can choose any poles. We choose Leki. They're perfect and never fail.

Halti is our choice to stay dry and warm when testing in Nor'Easter storms.

We choose biodegradable, plant-based, renewable, non-fluorocarbon waxes from Green Ice for our test skis. Great wax. Great idea.

Boots are the most critical element when testing ski behavior. We can choose any boots. We choose the Salomon X-Max.

Smith is our choice for head and eye protection.

Northern Ski Works is our choice for shop work and bootfitting.
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