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SkiLab (KSkis)


"What is The Ski Lab? We are small ‘mom-and-pop’ operation located on the eastern slopes of the Sierra mountains, in Reno, Nevada. We have been making skis since 2004 and we specialize in custom skis and design resources for passionate backcountry skiers. Our close proximity to the Sierra mountains allows us to quickly and rigorously test and refine our designs. If you are interested, we offer skis with custom shape, flex, graphics, and of course, your personal touch. Your new custom skis can either be made to order by our experts, or you can arrange to visit The Ski Lab in Reno to participate in the design and construction of your custom skis. We produce a limited number of skis each year. We also offer the K Skis line, a select quiver of skis that have been engineered and tested by passionate backcountry skiers since 2004. Several models are available and customers can also request variations to these designs. See the K Skis line for more details. We are also committed to supporting the ski design community, and in this spirit we offer basic ski building materials and supplies to meet the needs of the DIY-minded skier and tinkerer. What’s our technology? The Ski Lab’s engineering, design, and manufacturing process began in 2004. Each ski is made with the highest quality materials, thorough attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, and industry-standard manufacturing techniques. Our process consists of: Precision robotic ski shape cutting; Vibration dampening technology; Hand-selected wood species for cores, specific to each customer; Industry-standard materials: hardened steel edges, triaxial fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc.; Vibrant dye-sublimated topsheet graphics, or whatever suits your fancy. "

Ski Types:   All Mountain, Backcountry, Big Mountain, Custom Construction, Custom Graphics, Powder

Co-founder of the fantastic "Build your own ride" website (definitely check it out if you have any urge to build your own other site like it!) Kam K. Leang, created his own website to sell some of his designs under the brand name "K Skis" as well as provide custom ski building services in 2011. Kam has been building skis since 2004 and has a huge body of expertise and knowledge since he is a Ph.D in mechanical engineering and a ski building fanatic. Not only can you buy pre-made skis or have your custom designs producted by Kam, you can get ski building materials through the website. You can also optionally participate in the construction of your skis at the shop...a unique opportunity. A full line of designs, including powder, all-mountain, touring and ultra-light models are available.  Kam is one of the inspirations behind the DIY ski building revolution in the U.S.A. Prices for the "K Skis" are $699 usd, full custom skis start at $799 usd.

One of the new models in 2012 is the "K Wild" which weighs in at 2.5 pounds per ski, with dimensions 170 cm length, 127-92-115 mm.



Skilogik Skis - RIP
USA Corporation - Chinese Manufacture   


"I’ve designed and produced skis for ten years on various levels. I started a ski company in my spare bedroom in Colorado. I visited and worked in micro factories and large factories on several continents. There are a lot of different ways to perform each step in the process of making a pair of skis. Through my experience, I pursued my own quest to figure out which steps are best done by high tech machines and which steps are best done by skilled hands. I also spent years designing skis and testing designs. From inside the industry, I witnessed the ignorance of posterboys and the one-track thinking of ego-gods. With Ski Logik, I had the opportunity to set up a new factory from scratch, combining the very best methods for each process. The first thing I did was choose a low-cost location so I wouldn’t have to worry about costs. Sounds odd, but it works that way. Expensive locations force you to compromise the product by going cheaper on materials or reducing labor times. The alternative is outsourcing to low-cost locations, but that restricts you to a cookie-cutter product and puts quality at risk. I took the third rail. I moved with my wife and kids half way across the globe and set up our own factory so that I could design and produce with the best methods possible. I brought in engineers who shared my vision. We designed machinery that didn’t exist, hired craftspeople with better hands than ours, and taught them how to make great skis. And they taught me a lot. After working for two years to get the production center fully capable, I turned my focus to designing a new line of skis using better materials and more craftsmanship per pair. I’m living a ski-maker’s dream. We design and prototype continually and have no constraints and no boardroom that’s going to fire us if we produce a design outside of the box. We produce year round in small numbers each day. We take as much time as we want on each pair, utilizing the best processes and materials available. Ski Logik is for skiers who share our passion for an extraordinary pair of skis. Enjoy! DAVID MAZZARELLA Founder Ski Logik" - Website January 2010


Ski Types:   All Mountain, Big Mountain, Custom Construction, Custom Graphics, Freeride, Freestyle, Powder

SkiLogic closed down in 2016.

New company in 2010 by David Mazzarella (prevsiouly worked with Scotty Bob to build the company to sell Scotty Bob's skis) building freeride and freestyle skis in artist-painted woodgrain topsheets with carbon fiber, quadrax fiberglass, black locust sidewalls(very hard) for edge support , hardwood cores and rubber dampening layer construction. Female-specific models. Custom constructions available. $750 - $850 pricing. David states he has developed a new factory in a low-cost location ("Hainan Islands")  to his specifications and designed special machines that did not exist so he could produce the skis he wanted. David mentions a long history in the ski building business, working in several microfactories on several continents. 95% of the wood is sustainably harvested. For each pair of skis purchased, Skilogik donates money to the Nature Conservancy to plant a tree in a reclaimed nature preserve. They claim to pay the workers at their production facility above the market rate, and provide free lunch each day. Health, retirement, unemployment, disability, worker's comp and 90 day maternity leave at 100% pay is provided.

Construction Details of Ski Logik Skis

Read an interesting excerpt from David's comments on TelemarkTalk regarding his history with ScottyBob and building a factory in China.



Ski Types:   Jumping, Nordic Classical, Nordic Skating
  Get your 300cm jumping skis here! Serious alpine jumping/ski flying gear. Custom built...not in stock. Serious line of various nordic skis in various flexes..etc. Jumping bindings and shoes. Ever see a jumping shoe? You would wear these around town just be be cool.
Sky Pilot Custom

Ski Types:   Custom Construction, Custom Graphics

Website and contact  information seem to be unavailable...R.I.P ?

Alex Turner creates custom skis from recovered materials such as planks of fir and spruce reclaimed from canneries, homes, barns and gym floors.




Slant Skis


From the website - December, 2009:

"We start each pair of Slant Skis with cores that are milled from vertically laminated bamboo, both strong and earth friendly. We then add UHMW-PE sidewalls, the most impact resistant in the industry. Then add a layer of triaxial fiberglass above and below the core. In the 5800ʼ we also add a layer of carbon fiber below the core for added pop. For our bases we use DuraSurf 4001 Sintered base material, the fastest and most durable base available. On top we have sublimated custom graphics done by local artists. Finally we use a top-secret epoxy mixture that we squeeze into every layer to create a high-performance, earth-friendly ski. Bamboo Bamboo is one of the best building materials mother nature has given us. Did you know it is actually a grass, not a wood? Bamboo is able to replenish itself like grass and some species can grow up to 24 inches in just 24 hours! Not only does it have higher tensile strength than steel, but it is harder than concrete. No other natural material has comparable properties, making bamboo the perfect ski core. Sustainability Slant Skis are handmade in the U.S.A. not some factory overseas, which means we are not shipping them halfway across the world before they are sent to you. Slant promises to recycle and reduce waste whenever possible, but when itʼs not, weʼre committed to offset our impact on the environment. For every pair of skis we sell, weʼre donating $10 to That is one ton of carbon pollution prevented per pair of skis! More than enough pollution to offset your skis, plus a few carpools to the mountain! Weʼre planning to celebrate cold winters for years to come!"

Ski Types:   All Mountain, Big Mountain, Freeride, Powder

A new company from Truckee, California USA in 2009.

5 Models, with vertically laminated bamboo cores with UHMW-PE sidewalls and DuraSurf 4001 bases. Female-specific all mountain and big-mountain models too. Powder model has camber underfoot and rockered tip. They donate $10 for every pair of skis sold to One year warranty. Prices vary from $600 to $675 usd.

Facebook link:



Slant Skis
10744 Martis Dr.
Truckee, CA 96161


Smart Skis

Ski Types:  
  Small ski builder out of Windsor, Vermont USA handcrafting ash-poplar-maple woodcore skis. Durasurf 4001 bases. VDS rubber, triaxial fiberglass, maple hardwood sidewalls. 98mm and 108mm waisted skis as of October, 2016...all available in variable flexes on demand. Wood veneer topsheets. CONTACT: 802-435-1665
Sneva Skis and Snowboards


"Our Snowboards and Skis are 100% hand crafted-sandwich construction made with the following materials, P-tex, steel edge, patented penta weave fiberglass technology,Tri axial Fiberglass, Maple and poplar wood core with wood side walls,abs and tip & tail, and a ABS topsheet. Sneva MFG has the the best shapes and sizes and uses the best materials so you will have a snowboard or pair of skis that is hands down the best in the world!

Since our products are all custom made, our inventory is constantly changing. Make sure you check out the site frequently to see our latest creations.

Custom graphix are available on all skis and boards, also a great promotional product for business."

- Website January 2011

Ski Types:   All Mountain, Custom Construction, Custom Graphics, Freestyle, Park-Pipe, Powder, Snowboards

Handmade skis and boards from Spokane, Washington, USA. Small production ski and snowboard builder. Full range of park & pipe, twintip all-mountain, rockered powder skis for 2010-11, along with custom work available. Priced from $500-$600 usd. Anyone seen a pair? Full line of snowboards too. Rumored to make skis for Montana Ski Company.


1304 w chelan
Spokane Wash 99205
TJ 317-496-8935


Snoday Skis


What happens when a former alpine racer “grows up” and has a son who loves to freestyle and a wife who likes to knuckle drag? You spend a lot of money on boards, then spend your weekends contemplating what you love and hate about what you are skiing; how you really want your skis to perform; and why no one is making them!? You start testing some ideas, you learn the craft, and keep seeking that ultimate turn. Then you realize that other people want some creativity and performance on their feet as well.

Suddenly, you have a business on your hands – and BOOM! Snoday Skis is born. Built on a core of maple and poplar, surrounded by triaxial and quadraxial glass with carbon/Kevlar construction. Varying levels of dampening with aggressive cambers. Riding pleasure is the key design component. Sublimated or race bases available on all models, with sublimated topsheets. Custom Builds available.

$450-$650 Jrs,

$550 - $750 Adult sizes

Check us out at:!
141 River Ave.,
Cochrane, AB
(403) 851-0700

Thanks, and hope you are having a terrific SnoDay!

Ski Types:  

John Hromyk has unleashed Snoday skis in Alberta in 2011 after prototyping for several years. Eight models ranging from park & pipe, carving, all-mountain and powder are available. Vertically laminated maple, maple-poplar or poplar wood cores (locally grown), 2.5mm Austrian edges, Durasurf bases and sidewalls, Triaxial fiberglass, carbon fiber layers and customized constructions. Wide selection of graphics available for each model. Prices are approximately $750 cdn. Custom construction and custom graphics available. Two year warranty, which is unusual.

Snow Lion Skis

  "Originated out of passion for skiiing, Snow Lion Sports (SLS) developed their own hand made ski collection in Holland. SLS also designs tailored skis for their customers and offers workshops to the ones who are passionate to make their own skis." Snow Lion Sports wants to produce skis which excite you, make you happy to ride and makes you smile. Skis that make you turn around after a run, just to check your lines. You'll notice, we have a great passion for skiing, either alpine or telemark. That's the reason we started Snow Lion Sports in 2010. We constantly strive to improve our skis with the latest materials, improved machines and our experiences. - Website November 2016
Ski Types:  
  Custom and standard model handmade skis from Holland. Unique autoclave-cured ski construction. They offer ski-building workshops for people to build their own designs. Bamboo core, PTEXT 4505 bases, Rockwell 48 edges, carbon fibre and triaxial fiberglass construction. Die-cut CNC machined components. Full custom construction available.
SnowRider Skis

  "No anonymous mass product for everyone is MORE SNOWRIDER - each edition is strictly limited. The quality of the consultation is for us an elementary component with the sales. Therefore you receive only in our Shop, inclusive of personal consultation to your personal Snowrider."
Ski Types:   All Mountain, Giant Slalom, Intermediate, Slalom
  Handmade Austrian wood core skis with CNC machined finish and fiberglass inserts. Kids models, some with titanal construction. Cool woodgrain topsheets in adult models. Nice images of the skis in construction. VIST or Tyrolia bindings recommended. Rare outside Austria.
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We can choose any poles. We choose Leki. They're perfect and never fail.

Halti is our choice to stay dry and warm when testing in Nor'Easter storms.

We choose biodegradable, plant-based, renewable, non-fluorocarbon waxes from Green Ice for our test skis. Great wax. Great idea.

Boots are the most critical element when testing ski behavior. We can choose any boots. We choose the Salomon X-Max.

Smith is our choice for head and eye protection.

Northern Ski Works is our choice for shop work and bootfitting.
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