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SKILOGIK Occam's Razor 162

SKILOGIK's Occam's Razor, is designed by the rule of Ockham, which has been explained by Eric. What it boils down to is that the simplest of complex solutions is usually the best. SKILOGIK's Occam's is exactly that. A finely crafted carving machine. Absolutely stunning to look at. The razor comes out of the race room at SKILOGIK. It is designed for front side ripping and likes it fast. Responsive and smooth with sure footed edge hold. Super quick edge to edge with a subtle but powerful punch or snap between turns, allowing for smooth transitions. I like how the tail finish's the turn, hanging in there until you tell it to move to the next turn The radius of 11.5m should put it into the cheater SL category. However, it will lay down trench's in a longer radius turn with no nervousness. It is most comfortable @ its intended turn shape ( spooky how programmed and predictable it is) but when you let it run and lay it over it hooks up and handles the longer turn with ease. A truly versatile, confidence building, flying machine. Pure fun. I really like the 162cm length but wonder what would happen @a longer length, like a 170-172. It could be the speed merchant's dream come true!

Occam's Razor is pure excellence in design and performance.          


By: tfavro  Posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 7:29:53 AM
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