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SKILOGIK Front Burner 2012-2013

SKILOGIK has designed an incredible tool for carving on groomers and hard pack. Front Side Burner.The name says it all. First of all, these skis are just beautiful to look at. Fine wood work with mother of pearl inlays, you almost feel guilty mounting bindings on them. However, the proof is in the pudding, so off to the hill we went. Conditions were groomed hardpack with some fluff on the sides of the trail. The burners are completely tenacious on the hard stuff and comfortably floaty in the fluff. There is no speed limit on the burners, they just lay over and carve no matter the speed.

The nice thing about the burners is the huge comfort  zone. They tend to have a programmed turn radius (14m @ 168). This allows for the pilot to have complete confidence, due to the same turn shape at any speed. Excellent edge hold, with smooth rebound between turns. A quiet, smooth ride at all times. Great feedback as well, pilot imput is rewarded with positive feed back from the ski. If you punch it, it punch's back, and responds to foot steering excellently.  The farther out you get them from beneath you, the better the response into the next turn. It is a feeling of complete security, and just a fun ride! 

This is the complete package for that person who wants to turn it up a notch and carve turns all day frontside. They are also a great conversation starter in the lift line due to their good looks. 




By: tfavro  Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 6:06:40 AM
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