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Sterling Matterhorn AT


LENGTH: 174cm  DIMENSIONS: 116-76-102


Manufacturer Info:

Sterling Skis

39131 Boulder Canyon Drive

Boulder, Co USA 80302



Suggested Retail Price (MSRP):

$ 2250

Usage Class:

Skilled, strong intermediate to expert 

Your Rating (with comments): (1="get me off these things"->10="I have to own a pair")

10, right on the money.  I want a Birds Eye Maple pair!


I had the opportunity to meet John Mansell, the owner of Sterling Skis at Stratton, VT. and ski with him and Gary Longely,the owner of The Startingate Ski Shop in Bondville, VT. Having spent some time on the Matterhorn (I will call it the Speed from here on in), I was really curious about the new Matterhorn AT, the newest model from Sterling. John has another hit on his hands. Its designed for the rider who wants the feel of a race ski without all the punch.The Speed is a race bred, high energy ski. The AT has all the same feel but because of the lack of the VIST Speedlock plate, it is much more a degree. It has the same incredible damp ride, loves the fast pace, and awesome edge hold of the Speed. What is different is that it is much more easy going. If you don't punch it,it doesn't punch back, but if you do stand on it, it will launch you into the next turn easily and predictably. Very fluid and smooth and precise,edge to edge. It actually feels very soft when you hand flex it, but doesn't ski that way. It wants to go and hammer, but says "OK you just want to ride that's fine. But now if your going to make me work...great..lets get on with it!" Truly versatile. Way too much fun. We spent most of the day following Gary because he knows Stratton like the back of his hand. We skied powdery bumps(and not nice ones! Typical skidded type bumps with no pattern) and the AT just loved it. We cruised at high speeds and it was phenomenal at that. Short turns on changing conditions..awesome! The last run of the day we were going just warp speed under the gondola and the AT didn't even care..just wanted to go faster, and did, you could not lay the ski over far enough, it just wanted more. BUT, there was not this huge release of energy, it controlled it, and smoothly launched you into the next turn and the next get the drift! John at Sterling is on to something and he has done his design home work, The AT is a performance ski that does everything. This is the type of ski that will make anyone a better rider. I can't come up with enough praise for this ski. John from Sterling says "The AT's real beauty is its ability to disappear under your feet, and become an extension of your lower body." I could not have said it any better.  



Ski Designer 


Technical Ski Data 

Swiss Made, in a shop that makes prototypes and Race Stock Skis for a lot of companies. John wouldn't tell me because of a non disclosure just adds to the aura!

Vertical wood laminate core, straight sidewall, 11 layer layup. Carbon 4000 bases.

Titanal top edge with rare wood laminate topsheet. The logo insert is a Sterling Silver inlay..when's the last time you saw that on a pair of skis? Mounted with Atomic 413 Neox bindings.

Specs :

L: 163, 116-76-102  R16.5m 

L: 174, 116-76-102  R 19.1m

L: 185, 116-76-102 R 21.9m


Test Conditions:

Cold, -17F, Blue Sky, perfectly groomed manmade and natural. 


Self-Description of Skiing Style, Ability, Experience, Preferences (be honest): 

50 years old, been skiing since I was a toddler. 30+ years in the ski business.

Expert Skier who prefers high speed cruising but will jump into the woods if the conditions are right.



By: tfavro  Posted: Thursday, January 29, 2009 2:55:13 PM
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